Nota Bene: The Best Restaurant For Breakfast In Brooklyn, NY


Nota Bene: The Best Restaurant For Breakfast In Brooklyn, NY

If you are still eating that out-of-the-box cold cereal for breakfast, you are missing out on your day's best and most important meal. Your breakfast gives you the energy to work all through the day. So, this meal makes a huge difference in how you are working and also your concentration. You only need a hearty meal to fill your stomach when you wake up after a good night's sleep. And often, you do not have enough time to prepare your breakfast, or maybe you just want to switch from your regular cold cereal to a warm meal. That is when you go out to a restaurant for breakfast.  

So, if you are searching for that one restaurant that serves the best breakfast in all of Brooklyn, then we got you. Nota Bene is the best and most authentic Italian and French breakfast-serving restaurant. We bring the original taste of France and Italian food right to your table. 

Why Is Breakfast Important

If you look at it clearly, the word breakfast means breaking the fast. This meal of the day is considered the most important because it provides energy for the whole day of work. In fact, as per studies, your breakfast should be healthy enough to provide us with 15-25% of our everyday energy.  

In fact, it is THE meal that helps set the pace for your metabolism. It helps in burning your calories as the day passes. The meal also increases your ability to focus and helps improve your memory. If you have a healthy and fulfilling morning breakfast, it will keep your energy levels up the whole day. Not that you know how important breakfast is for your body. We can skip to the more interesting part: where to find the best breakfast.    

Where To Find The Best Breakfast 

If you are looking for the finest restaurant for breakfast in Brooklyn, NYC, head to Nota Bene. We have the most delicious and authentic Italian and French dishes for you. We bring the taste of homeland straight for you here on the streets of Brooklyn. Our chefs are specially trained in bringing the original taste to the table with choice ingredients. All our food is made using organic products and prepared fresh in the restaurant. We do not use any pre-made products or sauces in our food. 

General Reasons To Skip Breakfast And How We Can Help

There are so many reasons why people skip their most important meal of the day. For instance, 

  • Generally, people do not have enough time on their hands in the morning to prepare a healthy and fulfilling breakfast before leaving for work. 
  • Some people just like to skip breakfast because they are too exhausted to make breakfast first thing in the morning. 
  • Because they would rather spend extra time sleeping and relaxing instead of making breakfast and choosing a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Some people do not have enough ingredients or products to make a healthy meal for themselves. 


If you are skipping for any of these reasons, then we have the perfect solution. You can have your restaurant from Nota Bene. Whether you are on the run or want to sit and have a proper breakfast, we can help you with both. At Nota Bene, we provide healthy, flavorful options so that you can work throughout the day with full energy. Let's look at the breakfast menu so you can decide what you want for your next meal. 

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The Best Breakfast Menu 

We have a lot of French and Italian options for your breakfast. It is perfect if you are eating cereal or completely skipping your breakfast. Also, our dishes offer something different from your regular American breakfast. 

Toast-Bread With Sunny Side Egg Or Omelet

Eggs can make any meal nutritious and healthy. Also, eggs taste amazing and provide protein, so why not add toast or bread topped with the egg of your choice? You can choose between a sunny side egg or an omelet on top of your toast for the morning breakfast. 

French Toast 

Who doesn't love french toast? It is the most delicious, fluffy, and mouth-watering kind of French breakfast. Topped with beautiful golden sugary syrup or honey and fruits, this dish is perfect for anybody. You can add fruit to your french toast, like blueberry, strawberry, or both. Anyhow, this dish tastes amazing in any way. 

Toast Sandwich

A toasted sandwich is everybody's go-to breakfast. We have the best kind of sandwich for you. Our sandwiches are stuffed with tomatoes, cheese, and spinach to create a healthy yet yummy breakfast. Cheese and spinach are rich in protein, and tomatoes are a very nutritious food for your body.  

Plain Omelet

A plain omelet can keep your breakfast time short. Omelet is rich in protein, and it enhances its flavor when topped with cheese and tomatoes. It is a plain and simple dish yet is rich in flavor, making it the perfect choice for breakfast.   


We have different types of crepes available. They are delicious, soft, thin pancakes that easily melt in your mouth. For example, you can choose crepes with beef or one with vegetables, cream cheese, and smoked salmon. You can also opt for green crepes if you wish to eat something more healthy. The green crepe has smoked salmon and caviar in it. You have a lot of options to choose from. So you can choose a regular crepe or something fancy for your breakfast.  

Croissant/Bread Sandwich 

The croissant or bread sandwich is perfect if you are looking for an on-the-go food option. You can choose from several options, like our croissant with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and spring mix. Or, if you like avocados, you can choose the one with avocados, poached egg, tomatoes, and cheese. We also have a plain croissant with turkey, ham, and mustard. 


Oatmeals are extremely healthy, especially when you eat them for breakfast. You can customize your oatmeal based on your liking. For example, you can choose to add honey, almond, fruits, or even raisins to your oatmeal and make it a nutritious and healthy breakfast. 


No matter what your morning routine is. If you do not add breakfast to the mix, you are neglecting your health. Breakfast provides you with the energy to work all day, so if you don't have the time to prepare a proper breakfast, you can come to Nota Bene. We have healthy and delicious breakfast options. Our Italian and French breakfast choices will make you want to come back for more every time. So, say goodbye to skipping your breakfast and hello to a healthy lifestyle with Nota Bene restaurant.  

Frequently Asked Questions

From where can I get the best Breakfast And Brunch takeaway in Brooklyn?

Nota Bene is the best restaurant for breakfast that serves the most healthy and nutritious food in all of Brooklyn. Also, we serve both Italian and French cuisine. We have authentic tasting dishes that will make your mouth water. Other than serving in the restaurant, we also do takeaways. All our dishes are freshly prepared, so you get the best meal experience. 

Which is the highest-rated breakfast restaurant in Brooklyn, NY?

Nota Bene is among the highest-rated restaurants in Brooklyn that provides authentic French, Georgian, and Italian dishes. We use organic ingredients to prepare fresh and healthy food for you. Furthermore, the ambience of the place is amazing and warm. 

What are people saying about Italian breakfast in Brooklyn, NY?

According to people's reviews, Nota Bene serves the best dishes. For example, authentic French pastries and Italian pasta are a hit among the people. Also, this place's casual and friendly vibe will add to your experience of eating amazing Italian food.