The Best Restaurant For Family Dinner In Brooklyn, NYC: Nota Bene


The Best Restaurant For Family Dinner In Brooklyn, NYC: Nota Bene

In a busy city like New York, you need to take away some time to spend with your family. And the best way to do it is to go to a family dinner. Yes, we know that you must agree. No matter what the family time plan looks likes, or whether it includes movies, theme parks, or anything else, it must be followed by a scrumptious dinner. 

However, finding a new family restaurant that actually turns out well and fulfills your family's expectations takes a lot of work. And the buffet of family hotels in New York City only ends up making it harder. Thus, we are here to help you find the best restaurant for family dinners in Brooklyn. The answer is Nota Bene.

Nota Bene is the perfect place for your family as it serves one of the best Italian, Georgian, and French cuisines. Here we serve the harmony of the three famous cuisines, ensuring each of your family members can have a dish that pleases their taste buds. From our main course to mouth-watering dessert, everything we serve is in consideration of our customers. Still, trying to convince? Explore what makes Nota Bene an ideal place for family dinners.

A Lively Environment

To make the family dinner more enjoyable, many prefer to find a place where they can find the right environment. Our restaurant has focused on its ambiance so that everyone can have the best time with their family. Furthermore, we use unique lighting and art to make our dining as pleasing as possible.

We focus on providing comfort to our customers. The lighting, spacing, and artwork offer a combination of unique space that stands out from most of the restaurants in Brooklyn. 

You can make your family's wholesome conversation even better with our craft cocktails as well as desserts, making your after-dinner a complete experience. Our restaurant ambiance combines the environment, service, and cuisine, giving a new meaning to the dining perception.       

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Suitable Location For Everyone

Finding the perfect location to have a family dinner takes time and effort. However, we don't make our customers suffer with such stuff because we are located at a location accessible by everyone. You can visit our restaurant by car or any other transportation. 

Also, don't worry about the parking since you will get plenty of space to park your vehicle near our restaurant. Don't miss out on the exciting view and interior of this place.

Variety Of Menu Items       

We all love to have something different when we are out in a restaurant. We specialize in serving many delicacies that suit the appetite of all your family members. You can visit our website to check our menu to know which dish you want to eat when visiting us with your loved ones. Our French pastries, cheese platter, etc., will be a great choice if you are visiting Nota Bene for the first time.         

Hygiene Is Our Priority

While you are having dinner with your family, our priority is to provide you with a space where you can enjoy the meal without facing any issues. Our restaurant takes extra care of the food's hygiene as well as the kitchen. As a clean space is so important for a dining place, we make sure our tables and floors are germs and smell-free. We even offer a bowl with a towel where our customers can clean and sanitize their hands before and after dinner.

Quality Food At Affordable Prices

While looking for the best family dining restaurants, one must also consider the price of the food. However, what makes our restaurant unique is the food quality we offer at a very reasonable price. Even if you are coming with many family members, the final food tab you will get will be under your budget. Since we want to make our restaurant accessible to more people, we have considered the prices per customer convenience.    

Customer Focused Service

Without a doubt, hospitality is an essential factor when finding the best restaurant for a family dinner. Our servers are trained to provide our customers with a memorable experience. They are always ready to give you quality service, so your family can enjoy a warm and tasty dish. Refrain from letting your experience be ruined in a restaurant that can't offer proper service. Make the right choice and pick us for the best food and fun experience.

Some Of The Popular Dishes For Dinner In Nota Bene

Dinner is an important meal, especially when you are working outside the whole day, coming home at night, and enjoying dinner with your family. That meal is associated with more love and care. Choosing what to eat for dinner is essential because it plays a significant role in your daily diet. Nota Bene is one of the best family dining restaurants, providing you with the best dinner service and various dishes options you must try once.


Chikhirtma is a traditional Georgian chicken soup known for its rich farm chicken, flavored and thickened with moderate eggs. It is made from scratch with chicken stock, tempered eggs, flour, vinegar, and herbs like dill and cilantro. This famous soup is made from simple ingredients but looks more complex and beautiful when it serves.


Assorted Mtsvadi is a tasty Georgian dish blended with meat chunks, pomegranate seeds, paprika, and onion. It is slowly cooked over charcoal. Lamb, veal, and pork are all up to your choice. This dish is served in a pan with the garnishing of onion and potatoes on the side of the meat.


Elarji is a special traditional dish of the Georgian Samegrelo region. It is a thick porridge containing corn flour, coarse cornmeal, and melted cheese. The dish is very spongy and has a thick texture, making it a perfect dish for dinner. One will be able to stretch it if it has been made properly. It is served hot with Bazhe sauce, made with walnuts, garlic, and spices.

Adjaruli Khachapuri 

Adjaruli Khachapuri is one of Georgia's national dishes, an oven-baked soft bread with flavorful cheese and poached eggs. It is hot from the oven with a ton of chewy, soft, and crisp crust-bready interior that is ideal for soaking in a runny, warm egg and defrosting cheese. It is best for dinner because of its fresh bread and feta cheese.

German Strudel

This German Fruit Strudel is a delicious, festive dessert loaded with spices, raisins, and sweet apples in a peeling crust. It comprises fresh fruits, raisins, honey, and ice cream. It is filled with bread scruples and a sweet cinnamon apple filling.

Lamb Chops With Sweet Satsebeli Sauce

Sweet Satsebeli sauce is popular in Georgia and is prepared using natural tomato paste, chili paste, pepper, cilantro, vinegar, water, and garlic. This sauce carries various flavors that will land in your mouth with one bite. This sauce also has soft lamb chops and grilled vegetables on the side. Moreover, it is a perfect dish with additional potato puree or fried potatoes. The flavorful and delicious dish will become your favorite in no time.   


A perfect way to end a day is by having a great dinner with the family. And for that, you can visit Nota Bene, the best restaurant for family dinners In Brooklyn. Visiting here will surely be the right decision for you because you will remember the food and ambiance for a long time. So to make a booking, kindly contact 1-718-676-0297, or you can mail us at

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the vital factors in choosing a family restaurant?

Delicious food and a pleasant environment are important for an ideal dining experience. And especially for a family dinner, good location, service quality, spacious area, friendly staff, and the restaurant's reputation do matter.

Which is one of the best family dinner restaurants near me?

Nota Bene is one of the most suitable restaurants for a family dinner because they have a portion of delicious food, beverages, and desserts with a pleasant ambiance. Also, the staff there is polite and provides quality services.

Where can I get the best dinner takeaway in Brooklyn?

Nota Bene is the most suitable restaurant for dinner, providing Brooklyn's most nutritious and healthy food. Also, we serve French, Italian, and Georgian cuisine. We have genuine-tasting meals that will make your stomach happy. Other than serving in the restaurant area, we also allow takeaways. All our dishes are freshly made so that you will have a memorable meal experience.

Does Nota Bene serve beef steak for dinner?

You will get the delicious beef steak dish at Nota Bene for dinner. The most recommended authentic Italian steak dish is Bistecca Alla Fiorentina. It is superior to any steak dish served for dinner in Brooklyn. This steak dish is delicious and great for dinner because it prepares over open flames.


Which are the most famous dishes in Nota Bene for a family dinner?

If you are visiting Nota Bene for the first time, you should try these must-have family dinner dishes: 

  • Chikhirtma 
  • Mtsvadi
  • Elarji  
  • Adjaruli Khachapuri 
  • German Strudel