Best Dessert Restaurants Brooklyn: Must Visit For Sweet Tooth People


Best Dessert Restaurants Brooklyn: Must Visit For Sweet Tooth People

Dessert is something to enjoy after a meal. Calling it the perfect ending to a lunch or dinner would not be wrong. Most of us like having a scoop of ice cream, chocolate chips, cakes, and pastries to satisfy our mood.

In New York, there are an array of places where you can try cupcakes, sundaes, pastries, and more. But you might find the best dessert restaurants to satisfy your sweet tooth in Brooklyn. 

If you are a local or tourist in Brooklyn and fond of desserts, there is a horde of dessert restaurants in this city. So, check out all these wondrous places and try the unique flavors.

The Must-Visit Dessert Restaurants In Brooklyn

Exploring Brooklyn can be more exciting when you are stopping at any of these dessert restaurants during the journey:

Nota Bene Restaurent

Nota Bene is a classic dessert restaurant in Brooklyn. If you are looking for great appetizing sweet options, this place is for you. Their dessert section includes everything from assorted seasonal fruit platters to lava cakes. Moreover, all the sweet dishes you order are perfect for your Snapchat or Instagram stories.

Also, the restaurant offers affordable prices. So, there is no need to worry about the bill when dining at NotaBene. The wait to enjoy the city's most popular desserts is over. Visit NotaBene to satisfy both your sweet tongue and soul.

Recommended Dessert Options: German Strudel With Fresh Fruit And Honey, Napoleon Cake, Lava Cake

Contact Details:

Address- 282 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States

Contact No.- +1-718-676-0297

Timings- Sunday to Thursday- 10 am–10 pm

Friday & Saturday - 10 am–11 pm


Chip City Williamsburg

Chip City Williamsburg is a welcoming dessert place for cookie lovers. Whenever you plan to visit this bakery, do not forget to try its diverse range of cookies. These are the most-loved dessert options here. All the flavors are delicious, and customers like to visit this dessert restaurant again and again. 

Additionally, chocolate chip walnut, vegan chocolate chip, and triple chocolate are other sweet options here. So, if you are in Brooklyn and want to try out some mouthwatering desserts, you can stop at Chip City.

Recommended Dessert Options: REG Cookie & LIL’ Chip Cookies

Contact Details: 

Address- 123 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11249


Monday to Friday- 2 am –10 pm

Saturday to Sunday- 11 am–10 pm


Ovenly is another popular dessert place in Brooklyn. This bakery is known for its exquisite American desserts prepared without preservatives. Here, you can discover the most eccentric combination of sweet and salty desserts. This unique combination brings out an amazing taste to appease both your sweet and salty teeth.

Visit Ovenly to taste the high-end peanut butter cookies, salted chocolate chip cookies, and more. On the menu, you can also find gluten-free chocolate truffles with a high flavor. It is as impressive as the other dessert options on the bakery's menu.

Recommended Dessert Options: Blueberry Cornflake Muffin & Assorted Croissants

Contact Details: 

Address- 31 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222


Monday to Friday- 7:30 am–7 pm

Saturday & Sunday - 8 am–7 pm

Almondine Bakery

The hazelnut-raisin loaves, macarons, crisp baguettes, and cookies dominate the dessert section of Almondine Bakery. But my favorite one is the almond croissant. It is a golden-brown shell with an almond pastry cream filling.

Make a perfect dessert date by grabbing two croissants and having them at the Empire Fulton Ferry Park. The park is just opposite the Almondine Bakery.

Recommended Dessert Options: Almond Chocolate Croissant, Lemon Raspberry Pastry, & Berry Èclair

Contact Details:

Address- 85 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States


Monday & Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday & Sunday- 8:30 am–6 pm

The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room is a worth-visiting place for chocolate treats. You will find chocolate everywhere at this place. If you are a die-hard fan of chocolates, then this is a dream destination. Take delight in a variety of cookies, ice creams, confections, and hot chocolate drinks. Moreover, the popular desserts to try here are black bottom butterscotch and brown sundae.

You will also like the interior décor of this place and admire the candlelit ambiance. If you plan a dessert date with your partner, try The Chocolate Room.

Recommended Dessert Options: Fresh Mint Chip Homemade Ice Cream, Black Bottom Butterscotch, & Chocolate Pecan Pie

Contact Details:

Address- 269 Court Street, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, New York, 11231, USA


Monday to Sunday - 12 am –10 pm

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Little Cupcake Bakeshop

Little Cupcake Bakeshop was opened in 2005. This is a heavenly place for both locals and tourists. You will feel a warm and welcoming interior as you enter the shop. The items to try at Little Cupcake Bakeshop range from cheesecakes to cupcakes. The flavors are amazing; some sweets are topped with colorful and yummy frosting. Also, do try their chocolate blackout cake, a favorite of many customers.

Their menu has diets for vegetarians as well as gluten-free diets. So you don't have to worry about eating options.

Recommended Dessert Options: Brooklyn Blackout Layer Cake & Mott Street Cake

Contact Details:

Address - 9102 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Timings - 

Monday to Friday- 7 am - 11pm

Saturday & Sunday- 8am - 11pm

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

An old-school bakery shop you can find on the eastern side of NYC is the Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop. In the morning hours, you may find the most rush. The bakery's menu features mouthwatering pastries and donuts. Besides that, you can try the jelly donut to savor your sweet tongue.

For a casual bite or a nice coffee break, this is the perfect spot in the borough. What's more, the prices at this shop will not make you burn a hole in your pocket.

Recommended Dessert Options: Old Fashioned Cinnamon Cake, Honey Dip French Cruller Donuts, & Raisin Bran Muffins

Contact Details:

Address - 727 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Timings – 

Monday to Friday- 4:30 am–6 pm

Saturday - 5 am–7 pm

Sunday - 5:30 am–6 pm

Junior's Restaurant & Bakery

Since 1950, Junior's has been attracting Brooklynites and other New Yorkers. You can find Juniors at the connecting part of DeKalb Avenue and Flatbush Avenue. The place offers one of the world's best cheesecakes you will never forget. These cheesecakes have a rich and fabulous taste and are handmade. You can also relish a wide variety, from fancy to seasonal cheesecakes.

The restaurant also has items like sandwiches, steaks, seafood, and much more. You can try them out and have a sweet ending with their cheesecake.

Recommended Dessert Options: Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake, Junior's Famous Fresh Strawberry Shortcake, & Rugelach. 

Contact Details:

Address - 386 Flatbush Avenue EXT Brooklyn, New York 11201

Timings - Sunday - 7 am–11 pm

Monday to Thursday - 7 am–11 pm

Friday & Saturday- 7 am–12 am

Sunday - 7 am–11 pm

Bien Cuit

Bien Cuit is famous for making basic bread into a fantastic dessert treat. The signature traditional method is used for making this bread, which gives it a distinctive taste. The restaurant is not only limited to bread. You can also find various dessert options like the delectable pies and cakes.

One of the most-loved desserts to try at this place is the banana cream pie. Further, a visit to Bien Cuit might seem incomplete if you miss out on this sweet dish.

Recommended Dessert Options: Peach Frangipane Tart & Raspberry Coconut Mousse

Contact Details: 

Address - 120 Smith St. Brooklyn, NY 11201

Timings - 

Monday to Sunday - 7 am–6 pm

Fortunato Brothers

Fortunato Brothers is an Italian pastry shop and cafe you may encounter in Brooklyn. Both American and Italian sweets are available at this place. The café's decoration features American and Italian flags in a side-by-side formation, giving a nostalgic vibe.

Customers call this place a gem because of its prices and amazingly friendly staff. The food is excellent, and it remains open quite late on weekends. You can even try out the coffee and gelato here to make your visit worthwhile.

Recommended Dessert Options: Rainbow Cookies, Cubano Cake Slice, & Mocha Mousse Cake

Contact Details: 

Address - 289 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Timings – 

Monday to Sunday - 8 am–10 pm