Nota Bene- The Best Family Restaurant In Brooklyn, New York


Nota Bene- The Best Family Restaurant In Brooklyn, New York

Are you a food lover? Do you believe that good food is the key to a happy heart? Welcome to Nota Bene!-the best family restaurant in Brooklyn. If you are living in or are planning to visit Brooklyn, you know it's cold there. And after a day long in the freezing temperatures, all you need is a warm and delicious meal on your table. Nota Bene is the best family restaurant in Brooklyn, serving the delicious food you and your family desire to end the day perfectly.

No matter if you are into Georgian cuisine and your partner and children love eating something Italian, Nota Bene brings the excellent and undisputedly real flavor of the food from the cuisine's homeland. So if you are looking for a family restaurant that can meet each of your family member's expectations. Nota Bene is the right choice. 

Still not convinced why we are the best restaurant in Brooklyn for family dinners? Well, the prime reason is the vastness of our menu. Thus, we have something for everyone in it. While the other is the ambiance and our family-friendly staff, which is extra good with children. Let's check some of the specialties on our menu that are loved by different age groups. 

Nota Bene's Kids' Favorite Dishes

Nowadays, families take more time from their busy schedules to eat out with their kids than ever. Many parents see it as an opportunity to enjoy quality time with their kids. So here in Nota Bene, we are genuinely welcome to accommodate children. We also have excellent dishes, especially for kids, that appeal to the appetites and palates of kids of different ages while satisfying parents' concerns, especially regarding quality and budget. Here are a few of the children's favorites from the menu of Nota Bene to create a relaxing, pleasurable dining experience for your children.

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Croissant/Bread Sandwich 

These croissant sandwiches are just delicious and are made from a blend using soft scrambled eggs, veggies, and cheddar cheese. Furthermore, they are often served with veggies like baby carrots, spring onions, cabbage, and crackers, making them the healthy meal you always want your children to eat.

These sandwiches are perfect for kids because they are a healthy way to start or end your kid's day.

Pasta Spaghetti

Pasta Spaghetti is a typical dish of the Campania region around Naples, but in fact, some varieties of this are eaten on the Italian coast. The dish is a pasta dish made from a blend of ground beef, pork, turkey, lamb, or chicken, and on special requests, our chefs keep the things as spicy as your child would prefer. Our spaghetti with mussels is likely the easiest, tastiest, and most affordable way to eat shellfish with pasta. 

Focaccia – Italian White Pizza 

If you really want your kid to eat healthy pizza, you need to try this. This white Italian pizza is our specialty and is a handmade and healthier choice than regular pizza. Furthermore, it will become your child's favorite dish, with the first bite topped with cheese and drizzled with olive oil. 

Cheese Fondue

After a chilling snowy day, enjoy time with your children with a melted cheese dish. Cheese fondue is a delicious way to introduce new flavors to your kids' palettes. It is prepared by adding items like mushrooms and tomato sauce for added flavor to the cheese. For example, children usually don't like eating vegetables, but soaking them in our cheese fondue can make them have vegetables without fuss.

Nota Bene's Adults' Favorite Dishes


If you desire to eat flavorful Tagliatelle pasta of Italian style, then you should try ours. The ribbon soaks in a delicious sauce and is served with a garnishing of mint on the topside. It is prepared to steal your heart and offer your palette a throwback to the authenticity of Italy with each bite. The pasta is totally handmade, and our chefs specially cook the sauces. So, with us, you get to meet the best fresh and handmade arranged pasta. 

Tiramisu- Sponge Cake 

Tiramisu is a sugary treat that will easily dissolve your mouth. It is prepared by using Savoiardi lady fingers dipped in coffee. All ingredients are put in layers in a jar. Our chefs use soft and velvety cream of mascarpone between the layers to make the Tiramisu enlighten your tastebuds. After assembling the dessert, we garnish it with cocoa powder. 


Shkmeruli is a dissolute chicken dish that cooks in a milky garlic sauce. This chicken dish is typically made with a young hen or small chicken that has been spatchcock. It is served in a sauce with ample crusty bread to soak up the delicious gravy. Shkmeruli is a dish for garlic lovers, and it is delicious when cooked properly. At Nota Benne, our chefs ensure to bring out the finest taste of the chicken and gravy to give your palette every flavor it desires. 

Why Is Nota Bene The Best Restaurant In Brooklyn?

Nota Bene is one of the great family restaurants in Brooklyn, NY, because we take things very seriously and won't compromise the quality or taste here. All our ingredients, like meat and vegetable, come from organic places that generate high-quality and healthy products. Everything we serve is rich in flavor. Our chefs make these handmade things to provide you with an unforgettable experience. The food will make you feel that you are having the best time.


Nota Bene is one of the best family restaurants in Brooklyn that serves French, Italian, and Georgian food. We will be obliged to delight you with our perfect ambiance and favorable meals. If you are searching for an authentic and perfect Italian restaurant in Brooklyn, now or any weekday is the right time to visit us. We present authentic flavors to give you the perfect experience. To reserve a memorable dinner with your family, contact us at 1-347-265-2566.